What is Feedback & Reviews Management Software?

Feedback and reviews management software can be used by businesses to build deep relationships with their buyers to improve sales and ensure a steady stream of revenue. You can place your customers into handy categories such as new, returning, reliable etc. based on their buying practices, purchase records, personal likes and dislikes, opinions about your product and other criteria. A quality software solution of this type can glean useful insights on your customers from your interaction records with them and you can use these insights to get a detailed overview of the business environment. Other benefits of feedback and reviews management software include tracking sales opportunities, executing customer loyalty campaigns, and developing a sales funnel. The current leader in this category is Yotpo, but you can also check out other high quality solutions reviewed by us to find the perfect one for your business needs.

Most Popular Feedback & Reviews Management Software

Yotpo reviews

Our Score 9.1

User Satisfaction 91%

Winner of Expert's Choice Award. Yotpo is a marketing app for e-commerce stores. It helps online stores generate reviews for their products and use these reviews to boost sales. Read Reviews

CloudCherry reviews

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

CloudCherry helps companies understand what customers really think of their service, and maximize the potential of every customer interaction. Read Reviews

XSellco High5 reviews
XSellco High5

Our Score 9.0

User Satisfaction 100%

XSellco High5 is another member of the company's sales productivity suite, this one in charge of feedback solicitation for the right product at the right time. Read Reviews

Zoho Support reviews
Zoho Support

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 98%

Zoho Support won our Expert's Choice Award for 2016. It's a web-based customer service software designed to help you focus on creating customer happiness. Read Reviews

HappyFox reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 98%

HappyFox is a cloud-based help desk and customer support software. The tool's ticket support system helps users resolve customers' issues quickly. Read Reviews

Confirmit reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 94%

Confirmit provides a simple and powerful online survey technology that helps businesses build sustainable customer relationships. Read Reviews

Qualtrics reviews

Our Score 8.8

User Satisfaction 82%

Qualtrics software allows users to collect online from customer loyalty and satisfaction, market research, employee evaluation, and product/concept testing. Read Reviews

Vision Critical reviews
Vision Critical

Our Score 8.6

User Satisfaction 84%

Vision Critical offers a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that provides engaging, real-time data that empowers customer engagement online. Read Reviews

PowerReviews reviews

Our Score 8.6

User Satisfaction 95%

PowerReviews is a comprehensive suite for feedback & reviews management recommended to every company looking to automate ratings and improve user experience. Read Reviews

Grade.us reviews

Our Score 8.5

User Satisfaction 100%

Grade.us is a powerful and effective review management platform that enables businesses to create a review funnel process that is easy and efficient. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Feedback & Reviews Management Software

Reviewing your performance on daily basis is critical to your productivity, and provides a set of invaluable information that cannot be gathered using multiple different tools. To start with, employees appreciate the possibility to be rated to the extent that they would prefer a negative feedback to none. Needless to say, you need to stay alert about their mistakes, and to reward good work in order to keep them on board.

At the same time, you get to deepen your relationship with customers, who rarely deny rating the service they liked. Once they start reviewing your work, you get the full picture of how business is doing, and your overall online presence starts expanding. As you see, feedback and review managers help you determine how customers rate your business, and they assist you to rate it yourself. But how to choose the best feedback & reviews management software for enterprises or small/medium businesses? Let this guide help you.

Get to know each product with free trial

The best way to go is to sign up for at least a few free trials and basic unpaid plans from the vendors that are popular. With that method you will have the opportunity to test the important elements and you will get a good overview of the capabilities of each app. The best thing to do is to try services that currently have the highest results in our SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction Rating in the CRM software category, such as Zoho Support reviews and Uservoice, and to choose the most appropriate Feedback & Reviews Management software.

Targeted Businesses

Generally speaking, best feedback & review management software can be useful to every product/service provider operating in the online market. Therefore, you would qualify as a potential buyer of these programs in any of the following cases:

  • Small Businesses. As a starter, you depend on feedback more than any other company that has confirmed its position on the market. These programs can help you manage and grow your online business because you can take advantage of robust generation, contact, and opportunity trackers at a low price (if any).
  • Medium Businesses. As your business is growing, you need a platform that can support the growth and to manage your reputation for more complex times to come. These programs support real two-way engagement, both with customers and employees, and take collaboration and customer service off your shoulders leaving you to focus on more important aspects of your business.
  • Large Businesses. Feedback & Review management systems are an invaluable assets for companies with large teams and a vast scope of customers, which facilitate the feedback process to the extent of full automation and minimal risk of human error.

What are Examples of Feedback & Reviews Management Software?

  • Zoho Survey: A top-quality member of the Zoho productivity set with wide selection of in-built and interactive charts for advanced reporting. It is an adequate option for all surveys, as you can customize it to suit the needs of your business.
  • Uservoice: An outstanding SaaS solution for small business and large companies that gathers information and studies trends, packed with a variety of engaging functions and customer specifications.

Types of Feedback & Review Management Software

One of the things that makes choosing feedback & review management software so difficult is the variety of programs that can be used for the purpose. They range all the way from basic tool suites to ultra costly and accurate programs. Features can also be categorization criteria, as certain programs do nothing but conduct surveys, while others are more robust and they allow users to report and discover trends, and even do some custom branding. The basic division criterion is deployment, depending on which you can choose between:

  • On-premise feedback & review management systems. These are covered with a single license, and are hosted on the client’s local server. They qualify as the most expensive ones, due the fact that they require complex setup and occasionally some hardware installation.
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS) feedback & review management systems. These are usually paid per month, and are hosted on the vendor’s server. The business owner is not responsible for installation, updating, and maintenance.
  • Cloud-hosted feedback & review management systems. Most of these offer free basic plans, and qualify as the most affordable ones due to their universal access and the fact that the client doesn’t need to update them or to pay for maintenance.

Key Features of Feedback & Review Management Software

Feedback & Review Management systems are very different in terms of capabilities, most of the time dictating the gaps between their prices. Having a clear list of expectations will help you discover the program that will suit your company the best, and the starting point is to look for a user friendly tool containing few essential features:

  • Review Acquisition. The feedback & review management system is supposed to collect reviews using widgets and landing pages, the first being embedded on their website and electronic signature. It should distinguish between positive and negative feedback, and to generate reviews on specifically targeted sites and social networks. Alongside, there should be a clean and intuitive interface which guides users with clear instructions and visible triggers.
  • Review-Request Campaigns. You should be able to customize the emails, both its content and its timing. Sending should be automated; the same as follow-up and removal, and the system should use APIs to integrate with the rest of your software architecture. Reviews should be reportable and shareable, signed and collected in a single location.
  • Monitoring. A good F&R manager will allow you to send and receive alerts upon new reviews, most of them including links for direct responding. At the same time, you can use it for comprehensive monitoring of all employees and separate reviews, the same as following third-party websites that can be relevant to your business.
  • Performance Appraisal. The list is non-exhaustive, and the most common features are: 360 Degree feedback; Alerts; Reminders, History Tracking; Ad Hoc Reviewing; Peer Appraisals; Review Cycles; Self-appraisals; Competency comparison; Cascading goals; Comparable performance measures; Custom forms; Custom scales; Goal setting; Individual development plans, etc.

Benefits of Feedback & Review Management Software

These are the main benefits companies experience when using a solid feedback & review management system:

  • Dynamic Targeting. Syncing goals within the company is essential for following strategic developments, and staying on top of the challenges your industry is about to generate. To start with, you need to synchronize your goals with the ones of your employees. Not reviewing your employees’ work equals to knowing nothing about it, that is exactly where business goals and the goals of the employee can pass one another. Setting goals with the right software will be easy, because no one will deviate from the proper objectives. Eventually, that will increase the transparency between different departments. Asking customers to review your product/service, on the other hand, comes even handier for building trust, and will sooner or later lead to more sales, and a better reputation.
  • Reduced Administrative Costs. Making surveys on paper takes time, money, and labor, which is exactly what every company is trying to avoid. Transferring the process online minimizes administrative costs, foremost the time you’d otherwise spend distributing and sharing those surveys. The best part is that you get to store the gathered information, and to reuse it when necessary.
  • Administrative Reporting. Another procedure to be severely facilitated is reporting. Once you get to monitor individual results in real time, you get to explore data and to develop smarter solutions for the future. Most feedback & review management systems are packed with tools cut for the purpose, such as tables, charts, graphs, filters, variables, and net promoter scores.
  • Agile Learning. Don’t be diluted by the myth that annual feedback suffices: there is no transparency in it, and neither customers nor employees are likely to become more engaged in future. As a result, a valuable expert who seemed to underperform can seek recognition at the door of your competitor, while your product can end up in some forgotten Google corner because nobody rated it. The golden rule is: Learn from your mistakes!
  • Rewarding and Career Development. The reason why your employees are actually on board is that they believe that your company will allow them to develop. The good news for you is that they will give their maximum to make it happen, while your role is to make the impossible to provide them what they need. You need to coach them, and to provide a detailed development plan, which is exactly where your feedback & review manager becomes most handy. Besides, a good one will provide invaluable insight on skills, competences, and aspirations according to which you’re supposed to develop their program. Employees need to know what they’ve done, and more importantly, what they need to do to get where they want. If they don’t, you’ve already lost them.

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