What is Social CRM Software?

You can use social CRM software to build deep and lasting relationships with your prospects and customers. This can help to boost your sales and revenue figures. Plus, you can place your customers into convenient categories for further interaction based on criteria such as their needs, buying habits, purchase backgrounds, feedback on your service or product etc. Social CRM software can collect useful data from your engagement with your buyers on multiple channels and provides you actionable insights that can help you get a clear picture of your customer base. You can also use the solution to contact potential buyers, create a sales funnel, and execute loyalty campaigns. For more information, you can read our comprehensive reviews of leading social CRM software apps and check out the current anointed leader Pipedrive or another great solution: Hubspot CRM.

Most Popular Social CRM Software

Pipedrive reviews

Our Score 9.8

User Satisfaction 100%

Winner of our Best CRM Award. Pipedrive is a personal sales manager for small, medium-sized and large businesses that lets you close more deals and improve sales. Read Reviews

HubSpot CRM reviews
HubSpot CRM

Our Score 9.7

User Satisfaction 99%

Winner of our 2017 Expert's Choice Award. A completely free CRM platform that offers a powerful set of intuitive tools that can really transform the way your team works. Read Reviews

Freshsales reviews

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 95%

Winner of our 2016 Expert's Choice Award. A quality CRM designed for high-velocity teams to keep track of contacts while solving their inquiries. Read Reviews

bpm’online CRM reviews
bpm’online CRM

Our Score 9.3

User Satisfaction 100%

bpm'online is an award-winning process-driven CRM that helps you to perform right and coordinated actions in your sales, marketing, and service support. Read Reviews

Zoho CRM reviews
Zoho CRM

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 96%

A winner of 2015 Marketing Software Award. It lets you automate salesforce, track opportunities, forecast sales, efficiently manage contacts and much more. Read Reviews

Nutshell CRM reviews
Nutshell CRM

Our Score 9.4

User Satisfaction 100%

Nutshell CRM enables organizational departments to collaborate on leads and sales in real time, and improve the quality of their customer relationships. Read Reviews

Base CRM reviews
Base CRM

Our Score 9.2

User Satisfaction 98%

Winner of our Expert's Choice Award. The perfect answer to improving your business productivity and sales by customizing your business sales stages and work processes. Read Reviews

Salesforce CRM reviews
Salesforce CRM

Our Score 9.6

User Satisfaction 99%

Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM lets you track all customer information and interactions in one location to follow more leads. Read Reviews

Insightly reviews

Our Score 9.5

User Satisfaction 98%

Insightly won our 2015 Best CRM Software Award. It's a service integrating customer relationship with project management in mobile and social platforms. Read Reviews

Nimble reviews

Our Score 9.4

User Satisfaction 93%

Combine your contacts, email, social, activities & follow-ups in one place. Read Reviews

PipelineDeals reviews

Our Score 8.9

User Satisfaction 100%

Winner of the Best CRM Software Award for 2015 and one of the most popular online CRM application in the market today. Read Reviews

How To Choose The Best Social CRM Software

We are all familiar with the benefits of CRM software, but what is really drawing a line in the sand these days is its social element. CRMs no longer deal only with information, but put the accent on conversations being the core of quality business relationships. At their base, social CRM systems integrate data from conversational platforms and social media, and analyze social ROI in order to adopt marketing trends and strategies. Conversations are being monitored and engaged in, in order to enhance existing communications and to use the positive influence online channel activity. Social CRMs can either be independent programs, or supplements to a traditional CRM-as long as they convert conversational content into relevant information, they are a bonus for your management. But how to choose the best Social CRM software for enterprises and SMBs? Let this guide help you!

Get to know each product with free trial

The best way to go is to sign up for at least a few free trials and basic unpaid plans from the vendors that are popular. With that method you will have the opportunity to test the important elements and you will get a good overview of the capabilities of each app. The best thing to do is to try the list of services that currently have the highest results in our SmartScore and Customer Satisfaction Rating in the CRM software category, and choose the best social CRM software for your company: Insightly reviews, InStream, Zurmo CRM, Really Simple Systems CRM, Salesboom CRM, Converge Hub, and Highrise.

Targeted Businesses

The need to use a social CRM system is somehow default to every business, because despite of the fact that many businesses don’t have a face-to-face interaction with their customers, they still need to introduce a system that provides such on customer-to-customer level. Relationships can tell the story of a business even when the business is not involved, which is exactly why social CRM evolved to be the responsibility of entire teams and corporations.

  • Small Businesses. Starters and small businesses don’t exactly have the time to enhance customer relationship with social media, due the fact that they work in small teams. Social CRMs can be one of the backbones of their success because it doesn’t let a drop of information slip away, being at the same time an affordable cloud based solution that doesn’t require investments small companies can’t afford.
  • Medium Businesses. Medium business are the category where business is growing the fastest, and more and more customers need to be served every day. These companies purchase social CRMs in order to manage their increasing number of customer relationships, and to redirect costs from social marketing to more important aspects of their business.
  • Large Businesses. It’s no big secret that the success of large enterprises goes hand by hand with advanced CRMs, in particular such that summarize all of their resources and possibilities to push business in the right direction. Thanks to their CRM systems, large companies manage to engage thousands of customers at the same time, and to use the fusion of social and business processes to their advantage.

What are Examples of Social CRM Software?

  • Insightly: A popular CRM for small business with a robust feature suite including pipeline management, contact and task management to make your business more efficient.
  • Commence CRM: A comprehensive applications set including the traditional contact management, but also lead ranking, project management, and analytics. It is at the same time highly customizable and mobile friendly.
  • Zurmo CRM: A gamified CRM solution that combines project management with marketing automation, and is hosted in cloud to facilitate association with other CRMs and productivity tools.
  • InStream: A unique goal-centred CRM platform that combines email and data management, and offers many productivity tools for companies to create and maintain customer relationships.
  • SalezShark: An innovative platform that preserves valuable customer relationships, and has a variety of smart features to nurture conversions and to increase profit.

Types of Social CRM Software

Social CRM applications can be divided in few categories, depending on their features, advocacy, and the customer experience they provide:

  • Social Publishing Apps. Organizations and companies use these apps to develop social media marketing strategies, coordinate messages, and discover trends.
  • Social Media Engagement Apps. These apps ensure a continuous dialogue between the company and its customers, and monitor social media to determine where their brand has been mentioned.
  • Social Analytics Apps. The apps are an invaluable asset for comparative insight, meaning that they can identify success factors and provide feedback on the efficiency of customer service.
  • Internal Community Apps. They serve to enhance employee collaboration when contributing to a marketing project, or when attending a specific client. Some of them have external communication modules, used to serve customers and gather per-to-peer market research functions.
  • Product Advocacy Apps. These are the apps whose presence enables customers to contact directly their brand representatives, and to chat with them on social networks. They can be really helpful when it comes to customers’ product purchase decisions, or exposing content to the attention of search engines.

Key Features of Social CRM Software

These are the basic features to expect from your next social CRM system:

  • Support for various social platforms. Social media networks emerge every day, followed up by a serious increase of CRM performance expectations. Responding to all of them is what makes CRM social: it must respond to your need to manage multiple accounts, and to develop social media platforms. Observed from the technical side, integrating a CRM with a social media platform is not difficult, which is why you’re entitled to request an array of integrations.
  • Analytics. How would the CRM be useful to you if you export data from social platforms, and turn to another program to analyze it? A great CRM has to be empowered to do its own analytics, either using its own tools or third-party plug-ins. In addition, social CRM analytics are advanced ones, meaning that the program is SEO empowered, performs behavioral and sentiment analysis, or compares prices to the benefit of busy marketers.
  • Brand monitoring. Excellent CRMs perform the exiting task of ‘following’ your brand around: whenever and wherever it has been mentioned or discussed, you will know that!
  • Super-powerful Lead Management features. The platform should include nothing less than Lead Management, Contact Management, Automated Address Books, Web to Load & Web to Contact, and Email Integrations.
  • Super-powerful Opportunity Management features. There should as well be a robust opportunity tracking suite, including Notes, Comments, Events, Filters, Custom Fields, Tags, Notifications, Followers, Sharing, and Linking contacts to opportunities.

Benefits of Social CRM Software

These are the benefits companies experience when using a solid social CRM platform:

  • Enhanced customer relationships. It is all about it! When a company doesn’t have a full picture on its data, its organizational capacity is hindered by the fact that it can’t serve customers properly. With a social CRM, the company gets to audit and track information to identify customers’ needs, and to keep an eye on pricing, contracts, or even personal information which helps it take communication on a whole new friendly level.
  • Integration of departments. We’re not sure whether there is such thing as a company where everybody knows what to do, but a good social CRM definitely gets close. Departments need to integrate seamlessly, so that a customer won’t even notice his request being transferred from one to another. It is just priceless to be able to skip the ‘We can’t handle your issue, sir, you’ll have to talk to my colleague’ part!
  • Improved marketing strategies. A clear insight on every part of the pipeline means at the same time monitoring the lead-to-sale process front to end.  This way, managers get to evaluate productivity by measuring time/resources spent by the company on every particular activity. So far, it proved to be the best way to monitor employee performance on individual basis.
  • Unified social notifications. Missing messages and requests on social networks is easy, even for an individual running a private profile. Social CRMs do the magic of highlighting incoming communications, and even better: they unite all of them in a single program. A great CRM is supposed to monitor all channels that are relevant to your business and stream notifications all together for you to respond both to requests and opportunities. An additional benefit is that you get to follow real-time profile updates.
  • Integration with existent contact records. Putting your social CRM in the centre of customer relationship maintenance means to sync it with your existent contact records. As a result, even the sales and marketing team will be involved in your customer relationships, and will engage into exiting opportunities and productive strategies.

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