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CRM250_1_250Whether you are somebody new in the real estate industry looking for a good method to organize your contacts, or a seasoned professional who is looking for a more efficient way of doing things, the truth of the matter is: you need a CRM software for your real estate business.  You have unique challenges when choosing the bestCRM software for real estate business.


What are unique challenges the real estate professionals face?

  • Lack of contact data/information or duplication sources. Information about the clients as well as contacts is managed in several databases or not stored at all. In many cases, contact data are saved in different databases, causing duplicate information and ultimately incorrect data about clients and contacts.
  • No access to the data or the CRM system. In most cases, business relationship information cannot be accessed properly or function well. This makes the gathering and collection of data/information more time consuming and burdensome.
  • Lack of sales forecasting analysis. Many residential and commercial real estate professionals are focused only on budgeting, tracking of sales, and closing down deals. Sales forecasting analysis is usually forgotten in the process, which should be a crucial part of the job of a real estate professional. Often, real estate professionals cite how cumbersome and complicated sales forecasting analysis is.
  • Younger, digital media-savvy consumers. These days, more clients are younger and usually adept in using various online tools. They are very proficient in using the Internet and social media, and demand more from companies or small business establishments to improve their productivity and communication strategies using web-based channels.

What is the top CRM software for real estate for your business, one that you can that use to manage clients, track sales, organize open houses, handle closing, and other related activities in the overall property selling and buying process?

What is CRM software for real estate?

In essence, this type CRM software caters to the real estate industry by managing information and data about clients, tracking interactions with clients and contacts as well as automating workflows. By using a CRM software, a real estate professional can increase efficiency and organization at work and makes it easier and faster to close more transactions and deals.

CRM software solutions for real estate

Figure 1. How CRM software solutions can help your real estate business

Buying tips

Take a pause. Before you buy a CRM solution for your real estate business, it is crucial that you evaluate first what you want out of a CRM software. What aspects in your real estate business do you think need to be addressed by the CRM solution? Do you need a fairly simple and easy method to manage contacts? Are you keen in tracking deals as well as transactions? Do you also need cloud-hosted marketing tools from your CRM software vendor? Make sure you do a comparison first of the CRM solutions available, and evaluate the pros and cons of getting one from the other. If you want to find out the types of CRM software programs, you may want to check out our guide to the various CRM types. We also have a guide on what features to look for when checking out CRM software reviews. RealtorMag, the official magazine of the National Association of Realtors, offers a list of CRM software for real estate solutions that can work in any budget that a professional or company has.

Be on the hunt for freebies. CRM solutions take some time for real estate professionals or for any other businesses to master. Adopting a CRM solution for your business will, without doubt, take some time. That is why you should scout for CRM solutions that offer free or demo versions of their features and functionalities. The longer you use a trial version of a CRM solution, the better. This will give you a more informed opinion of the features and limitations of a CRM software program. If you are finally buying the CRM solution, look if they have cheap or special offers for you to save costs.

Just focus on what your real estate business needs. Many CRM software programs try to solve every single issue in your company, affecting their usability or user-friendliness. As much as possible, keep the CRM software program you chose lightweight and simple. Make sure you or your employees will not have a hard time using the features of the software solution. Isn’t our purpose of using a CRM solution to make our work process faster and more efficient? Today’s popularity of apps on mobile devices and laptops make simplicity and user-friendliness the order of the day for many productivity tools, including CRM software programs. While feature-rich and complex software may have its advantages, simple and lightweight ones are easier and faster to use. Here are some features to look for when reading real estate CRM software reviews.

CRM software efficiency boost

Figure 2: How one CRM solution promises to boost the efficiency of one’s real estate business

Look for cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based CRM software programs remove the need for you to get an IT person or an entire team to handle and maintain the program. If you get a cloud-hosted software solution, there is no need for you to install on your computer or mobile device, check hardware compatibility issues, monitor system upgrades or updates, among others. More importantly, if you are using a cloud-based CRM software solution, you make it easier for your customers to communicate with you. If you’re still dilly-dallying about cloud’s importance, read the impact of Cloud 2.0 on CRM software.

Does the CRM solution provide you seamless workflow? When checking out various CRM software programs, check out for the program that let you provide the data yourself and get information from your electronic mail and your site’s contact forms. Also, you may want to check out for planning and marketing modules that can manage various marketing campaigns as well as client correspondence. Finally, look for a solution that makes it easy to customize records and reports, as well as scheduling.

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