Guide To CRM Software Vendors: How To Choose The Best One For Your Company

qnaIn 2012, Ron from California started a B2C business selling natural health supplements and alternative treatments. His online shop, which regularly features his latest products and supplements, is regularly visited by health enthusiasts, advocates, and customers who attest to the benefits of the goods and services they get from Ron. This year, Ron wants to expand his business using a CRM software, but is confused with the countless CRM software vendors out there.

“Hi, I want to use a CRM software for my natural health and alternative treatment business, but when I check online, every vendor out there seems to have the best CRM software for my business. Can you recommend me some suggestions how to select the best vendor out there?” – Ron, CA

Thank you for your question, Ron. Since you are thinking of getting a CRM application for your business, feel free to check out a side-by-side comparison page of accounting CRM applications that may be a good fit for your business.

Indeed, what is the best vendor out there? What should you look for when selecting one from the mountain of CRM software vendors available? A comparison of some of the top vendors would show that each claims to have the top application for your business. Where should one start? The truth is, unless you decide to build a CRM solution from scratch, there may not be a system that is 100-percent fit for your business. However, there are some considerations you should consider so that you can get the CRM software that you need for your business.

The CRM solution should be all-inclusive

The best solutions should have all-inclusive features; they have modules for sales, analytics, marketing, customer service and support, among others. They must be able to fully integrate with the other programs that you use for your business. Does the CRM solution have a mobile version so that it becomes more accessible?

Is the CRM solution easy to use?

CRM software vendors always tell their customers they have the best application around. Sure, but is the application easy to use? Can you or your employees have the skills or ability to use it? Always remember that a CRM software application is only as good as the information or data that goes into it. If the supposed CRM solution becomes burdensome or too complicated to use, forget about it.

To give you a better heads up, you may want to ask for a demo or trial version of the software before buying it. In that way, you will be able to gauge if it is user-friendly or not.

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Is the price right within your budget?

Is the price of the CRM solution just right for your budget? Or is too expensive? Every business has its unique needs; your small shop may have different business needs from those of a large company. Check with various CRM software vendors who can offer cheap or at least affordable CRM solutions for your business.

If you would like to know more about the biggest players in the CRM industry today, visit VentureBeat’s “The top 10 customer relationship management services”. If you are interested in learning more about the types of CRM, check out our Types of CRM Guide.

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