Using CRM Software Applications: Who Are These Tools For?

qnaRay, the manager of a local mid-sized wholesale shop in New Jersey, is wondering which businesses use CRM software applications. He is wondering whether CRM solutions have real benefits for businesses and whether he should convince the owners of the shopping store to use a CRM application.  He asks—

“Hi, I have heard so much from the news and the Internet how beneficial using CRM applications are for business. I begin to think that maybe our wholesale shop here in New Jersey should have one too to answer some of our business needs. My question is: which businesses do actually use CRM applications? Should our wholesale shop really use one? Maybe if you can tell me which businesses use these applications, then maybe I can persuade the owners to at least consider buying one to raise sales and improve our service.” – Ray, NJ

Thanks for asking, Ray. You are not alone in raising this question to us. By the way, if in case you want to improve and streamline your accounting system in your workplace, you may want to read this side-by-side comparison of the best accounting applications for small business.

In essence, CRM software applications are simply a set of productivity tools and processes created to organize, streamline, manage, review, and track various prospects throughout an entire sales or business lifecycle. Various enterprise CRM solutions offer great benefits to various B2B businesses. Some traditional CRM software solutions are installed on the company’s PCs or servers, while some applications are web-based or cloud-hosted. Some applications offer simple productivity features, while some perform complicated multi-tasking operations to boost efficiency in the workforce and increase sales. Many of these applications have a cost; while some are to download and use.

So, who use CRM software applications?

Below is a quick checklist of the type of businesses that could benefit from using such applications.

  • Any businesses that keep a sales team. CRM applications can help the sales staff look for trends in customer behavior and check out which strategies work most effectively. CRM applications can also help sales teams to track profits and losses.
  • Any businesses using any kind of marketing. CRM software applications can get data from customers’ records to help them make good and focused marketing campaigns. Instead of flooding the customers with marketing campaigns that do not necessarily appeal to them, focused marketing campaigns can be done to target who among the customers are most likely to buy a product or service that is being marketed.
  • Any businesses that use invoices and create quotes. CRM software programs can improve the quality and increase the speed of the entire invoicing process.
  • Businesses that want to emphasize their pro-customer values can use CRM applications to assist customers with their concerns, resolve issues faster, and increase customer satisfaction with the company.
  • Any businesses that really want to boost their efficiency. CRM solutions can save a lot of time and effort in a business. Today’s applications do a number of complex and integrated multi-tasking operations which may take a lot time from the staff and resources.
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To know more how your business can benefit from using CRM software applications, read this article “Why use CRM?” posted on the Microsoft Business Center. If you are also interested in learning more about the future of CRM and what it means for your business, check out our  “Cloud 2.0—Impact on CRM” guide.

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