When CRM Software Programs Should Be Used And When They're Redundant

qnaJohn owns a small paper production and distribution company in Texas. The company, which he started in 2008, is among the state’s top small business and now producing and distributing to various B2B and B2C business not only in Texas but also in nearby areas. He is thinking of getting a CRM solution for his company but wonders the best time to use it. He asks—

“Hello there, we have a small paper production and distribution company. I am interested in how CRM software programs can help businesses like ours. I researched online how a business enterprise can benefit from a CRM solution. But I would like to know: when is the best time to use a CRM software program for my business? That would be great to know as I am at a loss when to use a CRM program in our business? Should we use it now? Or maybe in a year’s time? Thanks.” – John, TX

Thank you John for asking. Indeed: When do businesses should use CRM software programs? Before discussing your question, you may also be interested in checking out this side-by-side comparison of the top accounting applications for your small business.

There are simple general guidelines for small businesses like yours when to use CRM software programs, which are powerful business tools for sales, marketing, as well as customer service and thus offer you immense advantages, contributing to the success of your company.

The use of good CRM solutions can also help you build a more solid foundation for your company’s growth.

Here are some things to consider.

What is the size of your customer base?

Many people have this notion you do not CRM software programs until you have a large enough customer base. In some accounts, this may be true, but in this day and age where competition is a fact of the business game, size is now a relative term. In fact, customer size these days can also be measured through a review of your possible connections (and not just contacts), data points, as well as matrices, producing overwhelming data for you to track customer interaction.

The savviest businesses use CRM solutions to integrate their contact database with social media and other touch points as part of their sales strategy. Thus, today’s businesses do not only track their customers but also their customers’ connections.

Are you staying on track?

These days, it is easy to lose your sight of focus in the business. A competitor launches a new product or idea that is cheap and popular, and suddenly your long-term business strategy gets shaken as you try and compete with the new idea or product. CRM programs, whether they are web-based/cloud-hosted or in-house, can effectively tie all your marketing and sales activities with the company’s strategic business focus.

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